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My name is Lorna and I’m the founder/CEO of BEAUTY OF LDN LTD (Beauty Of Lorna’s Design Network) I’m a mother of five, with one on the spectrum.
Over the years I’ve always found it difficult to find a particular clothing that would represent my parent’s heritage. I wanted to create design’s that would allow us as individuals to express and to represent our heritage. I realised there was a niche in the market to create my own.

Our designs are mainly Inspired by the Afro Caribbean/African and European flags, in our sports/beachwear collection.

So Finally Beauty Of LDN was launched July 2015.We live in a diverse world, where we as individuals have our own unique shapes and sizes.

Beauty is a way of Life
The world is your Runaway
Get up Dress up and Show up
Live every day as if it was your Last
Life is for a living, so Live it.

Sports…. Beachwear & Accessories